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Why Choose Division II

Division II membership is focused on an “academics first” philosophy and the division’s commitment to academic excellence supports the primary mission for NCAA schools: We are preparing student-athletes to go pro in something other than sports.

Division II student-athletes consistently graduate at a higher rate than the overall student body at Division II schools. Division II student-athletes on average graduate at a 9 percent higher rate than the total student population at Division II schools. At the same time, the level of play in Division II athletics has had a dramatic increase over the past few years. Several Olympians and professional athletes hail from Division II colleges and universities.

A regionalization philosophy is used to select teams for Division II national championships brackets from four, six or eight geographic regions of the country. This emphasis on being the best team in your geographic area helps schools prioritize scheduling of regional opponents, limit missed class time and manage travel expenses.

Division II athletics events are affordable; fans are in close proximity to the action, and the environment is “fan friendly.”

People in Division II are Making a Difference

The Division II Student‐Athlete Advisory Committee initiated a fundraising campaign with the Make‐A‐Wish®Foundation and is currently finishing its ninth year in partnership with the program. In 2012‐13, Division II student‐athletes raised $517,465 for the Make‐A‐Wish® project, bringing the total raised to just over $3 million. 

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