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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

SAAC is an NCAA recognized organization that gives student-athletes a voice through the campus, conference, and national level. SAAC is responsible for giving input on rules and policies that directly affect the lives of student-athletes. In addition to voting on policies, SAAC has a greater purpose in bridging the gap between athletic and academic sides of campus. As a Converse College organization, the members strive to promote a positive student-athlete image. As well as, promote communication between athletic and academic departments and to serve as a voice for student-athletes.SAAC is also responsible for fundraising for the Division II charity; Make-A-Wish. Each year we fundraise through different means in order to raise money for this organization. In 2017, Converse was recognized at the conference retreat for being 2nd in the conference for most money raised for Make-A-Wish with the number 1 overall single fundraiser.   

Kayla Noon (Soccer) (President)

Emma Jameson (Equestrian) (Vice President)

Hayden Hughes (Acro) (Secretary)

Jade Berwager (Soccer) (Treasurer)

McKayla Davis (Softball) (Senate Rep.)

Sophia Carsto (Acro)

Sophia Jones (Acro)

Allyse Dunkin (Acro)

Abigail Lewis (Basketball)

Lindsey Rogers (Basketball)

Jenny Matusik (Equestrian/Soccer)

Denelle Williams (Field Hockey/Track)

Victoria Bailey (Field Hockey/Lacrosse)

Tyler Dawson (Golf)

Lauren Fix (Golf)

Elizabeth Stevens (Lacrosse)

Myka Jones (Lacrosse/Soccer)

Tyra Murray (Lacrosse/Volleyball)

Meredith Quarles (Softball)

Olivia Trent (Swim)

Hollie Porter (Swim)

Taylor Parrott (Tennis)

Leah Gracie Bratcher (Tennis)

Shakura Wesley (Track)

Dasia Sanders (Track)

Morgan Pearson (Volleyball)

Alexis Pitts (Volleyball)



Halle Thompson (Staff Advisor)

Coach Clarke (Field Hockey) (Coach Advisor)

Coach Hanson (Swim) (Assistant Coach Advisor)