Valkyries Volleyball Surpasses 700 Hours of Community Service

Valkyries Volleyball Surpasses 700 Hours of Community Service

SPARTANBURG, S.C. - The Converse Athletic Department shows great pride when our programs give back to the community throughout the year.  The Converse Volleyball program has volunteered over 700 hours to the community during the 2016-17 season, including over a 100 hours during the 2017 year.

In the month of January, they participated in Habitat for Humanity. The volleyball team has done Habitat for Humanity two different times in the fall.

In the fall, they had the opportunity to work on the same house at the beginning of the project and at the end of the project. They were able to see all the progress that had been made. This month, they started on a new house working on the ceilings. Usually, it takes an entire day to put up the ceilings, but the volleyball team was able to get almost all of it done in just half a day. These ladies are really becoming quite the handy(wo)men.

"The experience at Habitat for Humanity is unforgettable. It is exciting to help build a house. Each time we help out, it is something different. I always enjoy knowing it is for a better cause, but also because it brings our team together." -Deanna Unger
"The feeling of giving back to your community is unlike any other. Being able to share that experience with your teammates takes that feeling to an entirely new level. The time spent at Habitat for Humanity with my volleyball family will be a memory I will cherish for years to come." -Nickie Moore
The second event the volleyball team participated in was the D6 games. The D6 games are Special Olympics for all schools in Spartanburg District 6.  Dorman High School hosts the D6 games every year. This year, the volleyball team the basics of volleyball to all of the students. 
"Taking the time to use my knowledge, as a volleyball player, to brighten the day of many children, eager to share their energy and spirit, was completely worth the time!" -Alexis Pitts
"There were so many great outcomes from this event. It was exciting to see the students eager to learn and try a new activity. Also, I loved watching my players teaching others to play the game they love so much. To see them in a different role, was inspiring to me. I get to watch them grow not only as players, but also into young adults. They are making a tremendous impact in our community and I am so grateful to be their coach." -Head Coach Amy Nokes

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