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Sister Act! Acro And Tumbling Produces Family Affair

Sister Act! Acro And Tumbling Produces Family Affair

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – Sisters Tyaeme and Tanjae Haugabook-Lugo have reunited themselves as members of the Converse Acrobatics and Tumbling Team. Growing up in windy Chicago, Illinois, the sisters were inseparable as they competed together the majority of their adolescence careers. However, there were a few instances where the two went head-to-head. 

The duo started their careers at Midwest Elite Gymnastics Academy before later transferring to Saint Charles Gymnastics Academy to further learn more about the sport. Neither sister thought they would end up at the same college following their respective high school graduations. "We never actually planned to go to the same college, but we knew our colleges would not be too far apart," stated Tyaeme, the older of the two siblings. "We have been together our entire lives, but now that we both attending Converse it doesn't surprise me," she added.

Being on the same team once more brings excitement to the Haugabook-Lugo's. Tanjae stated, "I'm extremely excited to be on the same team, especially since we've been on the same team our entire gymnastics career. 

However, being on the same squad will not negate the friendly sibling rivalry that has been a part of the sisters leading into the collegiate level. Tanjae exclaimed, "Definitely, mostly because I don't want to feel like I am falling behind. We will definitely keep each other on our toes." 

Tyaeme added to that, "When we started competing at the same level I felt like there was a little secretive sister rivalry going on. We always wanted each other to do well, but I know I always wanted to at least get the same score or higher than her in the events. As we grew older we kind of figured that I was better at floor and vault and she was better at beam and bars, so when someone asked who was better we always said "50/50!"  

Rivalry or not Tyaeme and Tanjae are excited to be a part of the Valkyries team together.  "I am very excited for the new season a chance to show everyone what new things Converse has to offer. I'm also very excited to make a comeback from my injury that I suffered last season and having my sister and the rest of my teammates grow and be the best athletic team that we can be," concluded Tyaeme. In addition, Tanjae added, "I'm most excited about working hard in practice, traveling, and competing together. Also, being there for our team through the ups and downs."  

"I'm very excited to have Tyaeme and Tanjae together on our roster," said head coach Keegan Johnson. "I believe they will push each other as well as their teammates. Their tumbling ability will be a great asset to our team this season and help propel us forward to achieve great success. I can't wait to get this season started!"