Summer Workouts

Summer Workout Instructions:

This is the link to our “Summer Strength and Conditioning Tutorial for Incoming Athletes” :

1.       Open up the excel spreadsheet for your designated team (All incoming athletes please follow the Incoming/Transfer sheet for your strength and your teams sheet for your conditioning)

2.       There will be 3 tabs: Dynamics & Prep, Strength, Conditioning (except for Incoming/Transfer)

3.       All Incoming/Transfer Athletes please reference our tutorial video to learn how to perform your exercises

4.       You will have 3 different summer workouts, totaling 12 weeks. The above workouts are just for Phase 1. Before you finish Phase 1 you will have the next phase either emailed to you or placed above for you to access.

5.       Lastly, if you HAVE questions ASK!! Everyone will be responsible for passing there designated conditioning test once arriving back to campus (Your teams test will be emailed out 2-3 weeks before you arrive on campus).

Basketball Soccer
Cross Country Softball
Equestrian Swimming
Golf Track
Lacrosse Volleyball
Tennis Incoming/Transfer

See You FIT in the FALL!!